RRS 2016 - Shakespeare 400

by Ben Pellereau

2016’s RRS will feature 2 concerts (1st April in Copt Oak, Leics and 2nd April in Wirksworth, Derbys) with a programme based around Shakespeare songs by composers from Mendelssohn to Johnny Dankworth, featuring Vaughan Williams’ ravishing Serenade to Music, with Clive Pollard (accompanist). Among other music will be ‘I know a bank where the wild thyme grows’ set by the choir’s conductor, Richard Roddis. Also the ever-popular ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day’ by Nils Lindberg.

The Copt Oak concert will also be partly a Memorial to long-standing member of the alto section, Jennie Charlesworth, who died in August, given at her home church, and kindly promoted by her loving parents, Ted and Mary Pepper.

Esteve Costa will be joining the choir again from Catalunya to direct some of the programme.